Friday, December 28, 2018

A Cry From Beyond

Gods in human flesh were my parents
They taught my lips accents
Guided my hands to write words of life and
Educated my mind to understand
that I am the author of my destiny

I have always played by the rules
Till I decided to experiment the alternatives
I toyed with a language I didn't comprehend
After all, "you only live once" was the new trend

The ink was seductive, so were the curves
Those horrible words flowed with ease on the pages
Although, I tried to wipe it with lies, but it only became messier
I do not know for which one I am more furious
That I committed those despicable acts or that I was caught

I left hoping I could just flip to the next page
Life continues, they say
Just that I couldn't recollect the words of life again
Pain, guilt, and condemnation oozed out of my pen
with a stinking shame

After a series of substance abuse got the better part of my pages
I decided it's time to right my wrong and end all grudges
I came home to find her seated outside the church
Looking at my direction with eyes blazing with rage so much
She cursed under her breath, and muffled "Why?"

I knelt at a distance and dare not cross my boundary
I begged her forgiveness and a chance to rewrite our story
She answered not a word, instead she entered the church
A funeral with a handful of people is the least of my concerns
It is the portrait that caught my attention
I drew nearer to take a closer look
C'mon! I can't mistake the picture I took four years earlier

In my bewilderment I cried for help
Begging her forgiveness atop my voice
Neither the "spiritual" pastor could see me
Nor could the microphone amplify my voice

Two hefty creatures appeared from nowhere
I pleaded and struggled helplessly for a chance to set things right here
I screamed as they yanked and dragged me along
till all that was left of me was a cry from beyond,
A cry that will sadly never be heard.

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